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Yes, both Woodhouse College and the Imperial College London Mathematics School are state schools. Technically, they are 16-19 academies. There are no fees; they are funded by the government in the same way as any school. Admissions and other details on on their websites.
The new school – Imperial College London Mathematics School– will be a specialist school for sixth form students who are able mathematicians. All students will study maths and further maths, alongside a range of other subjects, drawn from broad catchment areas across London, and more widely outside the capital.
The new school will use outreach, other activities and wider admissions criteria to attract more female students, students from BAME groups, and students from disadvantaged or under-represented communities.
The school will be small, a maximum of 200 students. 

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee or Local Governor, please email us at

The Trust is made up of governors from the Woodhouse College Corporation (which was liquidated to form the Trust) and representatives of Imperial College London

Sixth form colleges and 16-19 schools allow a greater specialisation of staff and of resources for this age group. Our staff concentrate only on the needs of A level students and have a deep understanding of curriculum content, pedagogy and assessment at this level. Support staff understand and support the needs of young adults. We are experts in applications to university and other progression opportunities. Our managers focus on the quality and progress of sixth form students and, exclusively, key stage 5.

  • To ensure that both Woodhouse College and the Imperial College London Mathematics School are as successful as they can be.
  • To ensure that finance and business operations run smoothly and efficiently to support the functioning of the schools.
  • To promote the progression to top universities of all our students, including those from disadvantaged or under-represented backgrounds.

The government, through its funding agency the ESFA, just the same as any school or college.

Yes, at all three levels: the Members, the Trustees and the Local Governing Bodies

Current students, parents and friends of Woodhouse College should rest assured that the existence of this new Trust will not change Woodhouse College at all: its ethos, admissions policy, curriculum, staffing will all be unaffected. We hope the links with Imperial College London will be helpful to staff and students in STEM subjects.

The new maths school, when it opens, will receive additional funding for outreach work. This means that local schools will potentially be able to tap into extra support, evening and weekend sessions for students in key stage 4 and key stage 5 to support the progress of students in maths.

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