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Welcome to Frontier Learning Trust, a new 16-19 Multi Academy Trust formed by two institutions with a long history of high academic attainment. Frontier Learning Trust is a partnership between Imperial College London (a world top ten university) and Woodhouse College (a national top five sixth-form college). So while this Trust is brand new, its two partners have over 200 years of combined experience in delivering exemplary results.

The new Trust contains two academy schools: Woodhouse College and the Imperial College London Mathematics School. Separately and together, these two schools will provide teaching and learning of the highest quality to our young people. We aim to be an inspirational and nurturing community for ambitious students who want to achieve excellence at A level and beyond.

Woodhouse College is a well-established sixth-form college, offering a vast range of A level subjects and extra-curricular activities. We’re very strong in the arts & humanities as well as maths & sciences and have both Beacon Status and Ofsted Outstanding status. We are all about exam success but we also care about individual development in a supportive environment of opportunity. Our cohort is wonderfully diverse, with half of our students being the first in their family to go to university. We focus on personal potential and are committed to equality & inclusion; we thrive on the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nature of our community.

Imperial College London Mathematics School will be a specialist 16-19 school for students studying maths, further maths and physics or chemistry alongside a range of other subjects to be offered by Woodhouse College. This new school will use outreach and wider admissions criteria to attract more female students, students from BAME groups, and students from disadvantaged or under-represented communities, with the aim of growing the number of skilled graduates building successful careers in STEM. If everything goes according to plan, the school will open in autumn 2023.

The Frontier Learning Trust Trustee Board consists of a group of hard-working and dedicated volunteers who bring their professional expertise to the oversight and scrutiny of our two academy schools. We are tasked with monitoring the academic and financial performance of the Trust’s academies as well as setting their strategy. Trustees offer an extensive range of skills that are based on careers in educational training, academia, HR, accounting, auditing, risk management, law, construction, regulation and business. The main Board meets every half-term and is supported by sub-committees focusing on audit & compliance, finance & operations, search & governance and remuneration.

The Member Board oversees the Trustee Board and meets each year to scrutinise the statutory accounts of the Trust. Members must approve the appointment of new Trustees and/or any material change in the structure of the Trust. Members are drawn from the worlds of higher education, educational governance, asset management, creative arts and business.

Local Governing Bodies oversee the quality of teaching & learning and the wellbeing of students at both Woodhouse College and Imperial College Mathematics School. Each separate LGB consists of independent governors with relevant experience alongside staff governors, parent governors and student governors.

Our staff are exceptional. From the Chief Executive/Principal and Vice-Principal to the Heads of Faculty, Heads of Department and subject teachers, they are all specialists in their respective disciplines and they continue to deliver impressive results. From the Head of Student Services to tutors and the pastoral care team, everyone is focused on student wellbeing and they continue to support, protect and safeguard our young people. The Chief Finance Officer, the personnel team, facilities manager, caretaking team, catering team and cleaners all ensure the smooth running of the Trust and are determined to provide the best possible environment for our students.

We continuously think of ways to improve the experience of all stakeholders at Frontier Learning Trust and our two academy schools, whether that’s parents, carers, students, staff, governors or the local and wider community. Our aim is to ensure that our young people leave our schools with a better understanding of what it takes to become future leaders; a stronger appreciation of what it takes to be a good citizen and member of society; a more developed curiosity for and appreciation of difference; and a preparedness and resilience for university and the world of work.

It has been my pleasure to introduce you to the Frontier Learning Trust; thank you for showing an interest. You can find out more by visiting our academy school websites: and
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Peter Green
Chair of Trustees